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Savanna Lontan 57.5 Grand Arôme


Savanna Lontan 57.5 Grand Arôme is a unique and iconic rum, combining a long molasses fermentation with distillation in a Savalle copper column.


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Producer : Savanna
Country : La Reunion
Age : unaged
Alcohol : 57,5%
Barrel type :unaged
Product type : White rum
Contents : 700 ml
Packing : no

Obtained by long fermentation of molasses and Savalle column distillation, Lontan 57.5 is a unique, Grand Arôme rum with subtle iodine and smoky flavours that gives off sustained and atypical notes of pineapple, resin and olives.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Highly aromatic, with marked tropical fruit notes and a definite impression of subtly smoked olives in brin

Palate: Smooth, despite the long-lasting power of the aromas, and the lingering, slightly iodine, olive taste

Finish: Remarkable aftertaste on the palate and persistent aromatics