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Habitation Velier Forsyths WP 151 Proof White


Mark: WPE
Congeners: 597,3 gr/hlpa
Notes: The first original bottling of the WPE mark at the classic 151 proof (75.5%). A world première.


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Producer : Velier
Country : Jamaica
Age : unaged
Alcohol : 75,5%
Barrel type :unaged
Product type : Pure Single Rum
Contents : 700 ml
Packing :

With the Gargano Classification, different types of rum have been classified for the first time mainly according to the method of distillation, creating a category of Pure Single Rums, similar to Scottish Single Malts from the point of view of distillation. Hence the idea of creating a didactic range, in collaboration with the best distillers in the world, by bottling various 100% pot still white and aged distillery rums.

The Habitation Velier project was born in 2015, springing from the close collaboration between Luca Gargano and the best distillers in the world of Pure Single Rum, regarded as the very best expression of this spirit. The aim of the range is to raise awareness in the rum market on the fundamental importance of the distillation process, and in general on production, from raw material to fermentation. And it is precisely to keep the focus on the method of distillation that the labels indicate the alembics used by every producer, as well as other technical information, such as the quantity of congeners – non-alcoholic substances responsible for the product’s aroma – present in the spirit, and the marks, identifying the different types of rum produced by the same distillery.