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Weller Wheated Bourbon 12 Years



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Producer : Weller
Country : America
Regioner : America
Age : 12 years
Alcohol : 45%
Barrel type :American Oak
Peated :no
Product type : Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Contents : 700 ml
Packing : box

Born in 1825, William Larue Weller was one of the early whiskey pioneers in Kentucky. W.L. Weller developed his original Bourbon recipe with wheat, rather than rye in the mash bill. Weller spent his lifetime educating consumers abouth the differences in his bourbon with a mild, gentle and smooth sipping experience. Weller also believed in the importance of aging his whiskey. This fine twelve year old bourbon whiskey has a deep amber color, with complex flavors of vanilla, oak and cinnamon. A tribute to the man who made wheated bourbon legendary.

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