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Swell de Spirits Cognac Maison Tribot 1980 42 years High Proof



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Producer : Swell de Spirits
Country : France
Age : 42 years
Alcohol : 56%
Barrel type :Limousine Oak Cask
Product type : Cognac
Contents : 500 ml
Packing :

Founded in 2021, Swell de Spirits is an independent family-run bottler based in France. Michael and Kelly’s international background, passion for travel and enjoyment of a good drink created the vision that gave birth to the brand Swell de Spirits. Thanks to Swell de Spirits, we offer you a variety of bottlings of rum, whiskey, armagnac and cognac in limited editions and cask strength, selected by Michael & Kelly from distilleries around the world. The labels on each bottle testify both to the beauty of the places where each spirit was distilled and to the emotions the discovery evoked. Open your mind and enliven your taste buds with an extraordinary availability of premium quality spirits from Swell de Spirits.

« Recline on a woollen blanket on top of a bed of leaves as you forest bathe at sunset and breathe in the wonderful scent of earthy wild mushrooms, herbs and flowers dotted under the vast canopy of trees. »

Tasting notes:

Nose: Earthenware bowl of hot chocolate, woollen blankets fresh from the laundry line, recently turned warm soil in an allotment planted with marigolds and cabbages, plus ripe grapes, must and musk, hair pomade and beard oil, resin, and linseed oil rubbed into an oak refectory table.

Palate: It soaks up water which increases the spice and adds even more dark chocolate to the mix, including langues de chat, as well as langues de chat buttery biscuits, hyacinths, honeysuckle and honey.

Finish: The spices become drier on the finish, there’s a hint of lemon, followed by crème caramel and burnt sugar topping a rich crème brûlée made with a dash of orange essence.