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Swell de Spirits Bunnahabhain Staoisha 2013 9 years



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Producer : Swell de Spirits
Country : Scotland
Regioner : Islay
Age : 9 years
Alcohol : 55,4%
Barrel type :First fill Bourbon
Peated :yes
Product type : Single Malt Whisky
Contents : 500 ml
Packing : no

« Enjoy jam sandwiches and custard doughnuts in your rain-lashed canvas tent on the edge of the windswept beach whilst the bonfire cooks freshly-caught herrings outside, sending up smoke signals. »

Tasting notes

Nose: Marshmallows burning over a bonfire on a birch stick, petrol, Bunsen burner, silage, rubber boots, canvas tent with a rubber tarpaulin base, shepherd’s pie (or hachis parmentier) with extra Worcestershire sauce and brown sauce, plus sage, chives, valerian, blueberries, raspberry jam and chamomile tea.

Palate: Dirty funky smoke, capers, pork pie, herrings smoked over a bonfire, peanut butter, chai tea, sage, marjoram, dark chocolate ginger thins and smoky bonfires.

Finish: Factory chimneys spewing smoke, plus vanilla latte and beignets, followed by perfect smoke rings.

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