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Savanna Art of Rum Vast Limited Edition


Savanna Art of Rum Vast is a limited edition with 2,400 bottles. The rum is a unique blend of two casks of very old traditional molasses rum distilled in a C20 column still, and two other rums distilled in a Savalle copper column.


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Producer : Savanna
Country : La Reunion
Age : 8 years
Alcohol : 52%
Barrel type :n.a.
Product type : Rum
Contents : 700 ml
Packing : box

Art of Rum is all about creation. At Savanna, creating, surprising, and innovating have always been guiding principles. The Art of Rum project highlights the talent of contemporary artists from Reunion Island, Pairing their creativity with that of the master blender who crafts the original blends for the rums in this collection.

Tasting notes:

Right from the start, it offers great complexity and originality in the scent. The lively, refreshing palate delivers elegant licorice and is fully rounded with mild wood and vanilla flavors and two years of maturation in a damp cellar.