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Reservoir Rye Whiskey Batch 1


Batch 1 Rye whiskey from Reservoir Distillery in Virginia, United Stated bottled at 50% abv., matured in alligator char quarter casks.


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Producer : Reservoir
Country : America
Regioner : America
Age : n.a.
Alcohol : 50%
Barrel type :Alligator char quarter casks
Peated :no
Product type : Rye
Contents : 700 ml
Packing : none

Since 2008, Reservoir Distillery, in Richmond, Virginia, has distilled some of the finest whiskey in America. Handmade, single run small batch and made with only the finest quality grains and yeasts, Reservoir prides themselves on bringing you a unique 100% Viriginia made, single grain mash bill. Their award winning range is open-top fermented, pot distilled and innovatively aged in time-honoured tradition in their tailor-made alligator char quarter casks.

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