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Lady of the Glen Tormore 2011 10 years


This Lady of the Glen is from the Tormore distillery, which was founded in 1958 overlooking the River Spey. Tormore is known for producing a fruity and light spirit. The delicate spirit was matured in a refill cask, adding layers of vanilla and chocolate sweetness.


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Producer : Lady of the Glen
Country : Scotland
Regioner :
Age : 10 years
Alcohol : 54,6%
Barrel type :refill barrel
Peated :no
Product type : Single Malt Whisky
Contents : 700 ml
Packing : tube

All Lady of the Glen brand releases are hand bottled at natural cask strength, without any chill filtering or colouring which means the original taste remains unaffected and the end flavour is pure, full, and always unique. Each bottle alongside its distinctive floral label and whisky, receives a hand detailed number, making the bottles as individual as the whisky they contain. Lady of the Glen whiskies are a homage to the long tradition of independent bottling in Scotland and of outstanding and unhurried techniques that create a product that is both rare and special.