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Kanosuke Single Malt Limited Edition 2023


Kanosuke Single Malt Limited Edition 2023 is a single malt Japanese whisky produced at Kanosuke Distillery. Peated whisky distilled between 2018-2019, matured in the iconic re-charred American white oak ex- “Mellowed Kozuru” aged shochu casks and Sherry casks are used as key and are bottled at cask strength. Enjoy the flavor of rich smokiness lingering on your palate.


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Producer : Kanosuke
Country : Japan
Regioner :
Age : n.a.
Alcohol : 59%
Barrel type :ex-Shochu & ex-Sherry
Peated :yes
Product type : Single Malt Whisky
Contents : 700 ml
Packing : box

KANOSUKE DISTILLERY overlooks Japan’s longest sandy beach, a beautiful white strip that stretches as far as the eye can see. This is Fukiagehama, one of the country’s three largest dunes, which stretches about 50 kilometers north to south through three municipalities: Ichikikushikino, Hioki and Minamisatsuma. The East China Sea is calm in the summer, but the harsh winter winds occasionally whip up the sea water, creating a unique climate in the warm Kagoshima Prefecture. The region is blessed with an abundance of crystal clear groundwater, filtered and purified as it flows down the Shirasu Plateau.

KANOSUKE DISTILLERY began operations in 2017. The distillery is located among a series of buildings on a spacious 9,000 square meter site along Fukiagehama Beach on the west coast of Kagoshima Prefecture. The two-story, U-shaped distillery houses all the distilling equipment and has a bar with a beautiful view and a shop offering original Kanosuke merchandise. Visitors to the distillery can see up close how Kanosuke whiskey is made.
One of the main advantages of the distillery is that it has three pot-stills instead of two, which is usual for craft distilleries of similar size around the world. Each of the three pot stills has different neck shapes and zip arm angles. Both by using different pot stills for re-distillation and by mixing new make spirits from different stills, Kanosuke can offer whiskey with richer taste and aroma.

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