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Glencairn Lewis Decanter



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Producer : Glencairn
Country : Scotland
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In 1981, while working for another crystal company, Raymond Davidson realized that the level of service to business customers was poor at best. He believed that a crystal and glass company that understood and could meet the needs of the B2B spirits market could thrive and grow. And so Glencairn Crystal Studio was born.
The company’s original focus was to design, create and supply crystal decanters and glassware to the whiskey industry, specializing in complex decoration. To this day, the company is a world leader in the creation and decoration of decanters and bottles for this market.
There was a short period when the business supplied the retail trade with a much wider selection of goods, but the focus has always been on crystal and glass. From the start, Raymond made the important decision to purchase all materials from the best possible suppliers.
The company’s philosophy then, as now, was to deliver products made from the best possible materials – which would strengthen the customer’s brands and service.