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Finn Thomson Dufftown 1987 34 years

Finn Thomson Dufftown 1987 34 years


This Finn Thomson Dufftown 1987 34 years is an incredibly complex whisky. One to leave in the glass and keep coming back to over the course of an evening. The palate dances from tropical fruit notes to dark chocolate to more earthy notes. This is a whiskey that will keep you coming back for more.


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Producer : Finn Thomson
Country : Scotland
Age : 34 years
Alcohol : 54,7%
Barrel type :Refill Hogshead
Peated :
Product type : Single Malt Whisky
Contents : 700 ml
Packing : High quality giftbox

There is something incredibly special about getting to bottle a cask from a bygone era. And that is exactly what this single dish represents.
In the early 1990s, the single malt whiskey boom began with blended whisky slowly making a comeback. Originally the nutty backbone of Bells, Dufftown redefined itself as an ever-so-slightly grassier style of whiskey now recognizable as Singleton in modern times. In fact, the old earthy and nutty notes are evident on this dish with a dark chocolate note shining through. How fitting that a style of whisky originally produced for the blends of the day is now consumed not just as a single malt, but actually as a single cask.

This cask is truly a personal reminder of how the world of Scotch whisky changes over time. While the names, stories and heritage will all stand the test of time, it is worth remembering that the liquid produced is constantly evolving and changing with time. Just as no two single cask releases of Finn Thomson Whisky will ever taste the same – this Dufftown shows that even the most recognizable brands will also evolve to stay with time.
While the name of the distillery remains, it could be argued that this bottle represents an extinct style of whisky from a bygone era. This is whisky history in a bottle.